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What is the difference between working with a partner and HubSpot directly?

When working with HubSpot directly, clients interact with multiple specialists, including Business Development Representatives, Growth Specialists (Account Executives), Onboarding Specialists, and Customer Success Managers. In contrast, partnering with an agency like Growth Fuel Consulting consolidates these roles, offering a singular point of contact for pre-sales, onboarding, and customer success. Partners can also deliver hands-on configuration or implementation services, whereas working with HubSpot's direct team requires customers to have sufficient resources internally to complete the implementation tasks. Partners can also deliver additional personalized services, such as strategic guidance and tailored solutions, depending on the client's needs. The decision between the two hinges on factors like expertise, implementation complexity, and the preference for a hands-on, consultative approach.

Is it more expensive to do onboarding with a partner or directly with HubSpot?

All partners have their own pricing models for their services. At Growth Fuel Consulting, we are flexible when it comes to our engagement method. Our guided onboarding service is often more affordable than the direct onboarding service provided by HubSpot. Please submit the enquiry form above to get a quote.

How does your onboarding differ from HubSpot direct onboarding?

Growth Fuel Consulting was founded by former HubSpotters so our onboarding methodology follows the same process. Where we differ is our ability to provide hands-on configuration and implementation support for teams with limited resources. Our team is also able to consult on implementing third-party integrations such as Aircall and Zapier, which is outside of HubSpot Direct Onboardings scope.

Can Growth Fuel Consulting help find the right HubSpot solutions for us?

Yes! As former HubSpotters we can help advise the right hubs (tools) for your company to use to reach your goals. We're also here to help negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible software price for your business.

What industries and company sizes do Growth Fuel Consulting support?

Growth Fuel Consulting can support all industries. We have worked with a large number of companies in the Tech, Financial Services, Education, E-commerce and Retail verticals to name a few. We also have extensive experience providing onboarding services for companies of all sizes, ranging from brand-new start-ups to enterprise-scale companies with teams and customers across the world.

What roles do I need to have for a successful HubSpot implementation?

Depending on the Hub you are exploring, you should at least have an executive sponsor who is responsible for the successful internal rollout of the software within your company. Growth Fuel Consulting's team can provide staff augmentation to close any gaps you may have in your company by taking on the role of your Marketing team, Sales Ops team, and/or Support Ops team.